Welcome to my Solace

Growing up, whenever there were times of overwhelm, drawing came instinctually to me as a form of self-soothing. Whether it was all over the New York Times front page laying on the kitchen table or throughout school notebooks - bubble letters and arrows and small puppy eyes galore. A natural urge to express myself via art led me here today - to pursue a career as an artist. Astutely observant of faces, I first leaned into portraiture. Now among the bounds of motherhood, I have discovered the freedom and fun of tossing around acrylic paint - abstract expressionism. Both can be found here on my site.

Art is a practice and a ritual. Some days it will drive you mad, and other days it will be a perfect wave of euphoria. Either way, I have committed to this practice and I thank you for being here along the way. I dedicate this page to my husband Danny and our one year old Michael, who let me have time to "pa pa".

Art frees my soul. Hope you find something that speaks to yours.

With Love,
Evette | @evettehakstudio

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